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So.. all material on this webpage gives me the rights to always deny my own statements.

Because I in just that case could have had severe mood swings or under that circumstance was under the HEAVY influence of great music.
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January 19, 2020
The six dragons alpha story

Wow, Well here I am sitting in my sofa thinking out how I can manipulate my wife to get her to understand how much more important it is for me to stay home while they head out to the forest and have a barbeque with the kids."I got some work to do", "I really need […]

May 31, 2019
“Contributor’s Giveaway and Presale update!”

“Contributor’s Giveaway and Presale update!” by SL

May 20, 2019
Watch "The Gaming Multiverse: Stormwall - The Shield That Moves Across Universes" on YouTube
May 20, 2019
“Space Misfits: The World’s First Blockchain-Powered Open-World RPG Launches Next Saturday”

“Space Misfits: The World’s First Blockchain-Powered Open-World RPG Launches Next Saturday” by Samuel Stebbins

May 12, 2019
Global Guerillas

Free Blockchain Prizes. Well.. it's late here in Sweden and my family is asleep.. so I thought wth.. I'm going out to participate in the global guerillas game by posting posters all over. It's a dark night a quarter to 01:00. I just hope the pictures will do. Download Enjin, Scan and do the mission. […]

May 4, 2019
The Six Dragons - A revolutionary RPG game

The Six Dragons is an huge open world RPG with a good story, hundreds of weapons/Armors, in-depth crafting, exploring, and challenging fights. By collecting resources from all around the world such as Wood, Metal, Plants from trees, metal nodes and greenerys you can use them to craft weapons, armor, potions and runes etc. Sounds like […]

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