Old modtune tracker with a big passion for blockchain tech.

I am currently freelancing webstuff, playing blockchain games, lobbying decentralization and true digital ownership, i love creating digital stuff like music and art NFTs.

I am also trying to take care of my three crazy offsprings once in a while.  


Photo by Huma Kabakci

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Photo by Ian Schneider

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> Create your own Enjin wallet

1. Download Enjin wallet.

2. Open Enjin wallet.

3. Create a password.

4. Choose your coins
(Recommended ETH, ENJ, JENJ, EFI, JEFI, BTC )

5. Backup your seedwords manually by writing them down on a piece of papper and hide it.


> Buy an NFT on the market

1. Go to Jumpnet.enjinx.io

2. Find an asset you like

3. Click on buy if the asset is on sale.

4. Chose 1 of the prices.

5. Scan the Qr-code with your Enjin wallet

6. Accept and just wait for your NFT

* There are various ways to buy assets and to share them.

Enjin mainnet or Enjin jumpnet ?

For the ones who is new to crypto in general I am going to put this as easy as i can.

Enjin is built on ETH which is a cryptocurrency with smart contracts, the big problem ETH has right now is the high gas fees therefore Enjin built Enjin jumpnet who brings us totally free minting and sharing of NFT's . 

The NFT's on Jumpnet are backed by JENJ and are pegged to ENJ and always transfarable to the Mainnet and vice versa.

Check out the official news about Jumpnet here.