New metaverse game on BSC

Last survivor, a NFT metaverse battle royal game that will blow our minds.

I’ve been going through a lot of new NFT stuff the last week, I see loads of new projects coming up on different chains but one that really catched my eyes is this new battle royal game called Last survivor.

I am already stunned by the graphics, the webpage and the whitepaper!

Last Survivor is a metaverse project based on the binance smart chain where they also have have partnered up with Binstarter who allows projects to raise liquidity in a safe way.

The goal of the game is to be the last one on the battlefield so it’s a battle royale! And! It is free to play.

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The roadmap states that there will be beta testing at Q4 -21 so there has been a lot of happenings behind the scenes already. There is so much planned already so i’ll just make a list:

  1. LSC – Governance token – Upgrade fighters, Buy fighter chests, NFT fighters, NFT items and land on marketplace.
  2. LSG – Reward token – Upgrade fighters, Buy fighter chests, Get rewards as streamers, and bet on matches.
  3. Users can buy LAND NFT to create their maps like arenas. Community will vote on these maps. If they are successful, you can rent this map to earn profit of each Battle royale when users join your map.
  4. Users can buy and sell NFT items such as weapons and skins to upgrade their NFT fighters and make them look awesome.
  5. All players who enter the game for the first time can own one of the 3 Fighters without paying a fee. You can still play and interact with all other players.
  6. Custom battles – Destroy buildings.
  7. DUO – Got a friend? get togheter and own!

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