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Read about the NFT perks in the additional info down below.

Block 777 is my first released NFT tune. You will need an Enjin wallet to be able to hold this NFT so go download their wallet and install it now.

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This is my first tune made for my coming NFT collection album.

It has been 20 years since i last laid eyes on any tracker software, i’ve been in the demoscene since before the millenium and i still do have the passion for it but i have not had any time over to let go and use my ADHD on melodies like i did back in the days.

But after i got stuck in the blockchain community at Enjin back in -18 i started working on this idea in my head.

The idea has now come to a start and this tune took about 24 working hours to get ready, in between diaperchanging , my real work and skateing with my 2 other kids.

Additional information


1 Airdrop every new release


10 Airdrop lottery between indexed tokens 11-50 every new release

NFT PERKS 51-100

5 Airdrop lottery between indexed tokens 51-100 every new release


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